Photo Set

Just so all of you illustrators are on the same page. I am going to post the top submissions that I have received so far.

*Bonus points to anyone who can add some colour!



So I’ve been trying to find an illustrator for this project for quite sometime, however I have yet to find anyone so I am turning to the masses, and the power of the internet.

What I need is the following:

Face Cards, Aces, and Jokers.  Below this post is a poor example of what i’m hoping the facecards will look like, and below that is the 4 suits (which are already done) that are replacing the traditional suits (Spades, Clubs, Hearts, Diamonds).

Jack becomes Moose - 4 in total

Queen becomes Loon - 4 in total

King becomes Beaver - 4 in total

Ace becomes Bear - 4 in total

Jokers becomes Raccoons - 2 in Total

so that is a total of 18 cards that need to be designed. 

How different should the face cards be?   

They should be fairly similar much like how the Jacks, Queens, and Kings are, but with minor details.  Direction they are facing, patterns in the centre, items on it, etc..  

As for the Ace being Bears same rules apply, only the winter should be a polar bear, while the others should be black, brown bears, etc..

Please send me an example of one of any of these cards.     I will pay the designer $200 to get started, and then all of the money generated by the Kickstarter program (the designer will decide what this should be set at). If the kickstarter program does not generate the money requested by the illustrator I will give them an additional $200 at the time the cards are completed.        


thank you for your time

I WOULD ALSO LIKE TO NOTE I am in no way tied to these detailed drawings of the animals, or even the current design of the suits.  If you have your own artistic design in mind PLEASE follow that and send me a sample. This is just a general outline, of what I think might look the best.          I had originally wanted to use a more traditional Native art look, but had a hard time finding artists.

* please do not just send me a link to your portfolio, unless it contains drawings of any of the animals listed above.   I do receive a large number of responses from this, but they are usually poorly written emails with links to pictures of skulls, and shit that has nothing to do with the subject matter.  Thanks again for your time.


Here is a link to photoshop brushs of traditional playing cards.  May help with the layout, size and shape of the face cards.

Here is an example of the type of animal illustrations i am looking for


A rough Idea of what I would like the facecards to look like.  Somewhat keeping with the traditional look of current playing cards.   Ideally replace the swords with something from nature or something that makes more sense to the animal.


These are the regular numbered cards